Remember when workwear had a moment? I helped catapult a 100 year-old workwear company back into the mainstream by aligning the brand with streetwear, music and hiphop culture. Post Malone worked with Dickies customizing his looks and rocking it at shows, so we knew the movement was ready to go global.

I led the team that launched Dickies’ first-ever global marketing campaign — United by Inspiration — featuring 10 makers from traditional artisans and farmers to dancers and skateboarders. I directed the spots in a truly 2020 way using Zoom with diverse talent from 6 countries, across 8 time zones and 4 different languages. The campaign generated an enormous amount of global hype and sales for the brand. The results were street cred for the brand and sales for the stores. And, we made Hypebeast.

Creative Director: Steven Townsend
Director: Steven Townsend
Agency: Sid Lee LA

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